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I miss... From Kim Douglass

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Enriched by everyone’s words Desbarats’ waters sparkle and the fragrances of pine & burning fires mix with the sounds you have spoken of from ‘our' loon, osprey, geese, thrush, gulls & bullfrogs.  The wonder of our mini-communities come into focus whether they be found trolling alongside one another throughout a sailboat race, sharing an early morning waterski when the winds haven’t yet figured out which way to stir, sorting through treasures at the dump or greeting new arrivals first seen in our summer at a farmer’s market.  One I never enjoy is when I witness first hand the packed car purring at the marina indicating that one of our vacations has been completed.  It all celebrates how important we are to one another nurtured by the people and the spirit of the land.  Missing each of you as I appreciate these refueling images.

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