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I Miss Everything from Debbie Sipe

The  mournful & unique songs of the loons ; those pesky horny peeper frogs hoping to get lucky ; moon rise & sunset cruises ; picking all the varieties of summer berries along the paths and road sides  and putting up jams for Christmas & house presents ; pulling over to pick wild flowers and delight in nature’s bouquets ; cray fish hunting by flashlight ; creating frog holding ponds on the shore ; picnics ; the farmers Mkt and picking produce together with Enos ; McClellands ; the smoked cheese and fish Mkt in Rapid River ; whiskey rock jumps ; cheering on the sail boat races ; hurtling down Masons driveway at high speeds ; community nights ; Northern lights ; fishing  off our docks with either messy worms impaled on hooks  or casting in secret fish holes ; watching majestic osprey and eagles soar above ; and goslings and ducklings grow ; s’mores ; grilla dogs ; Ross Phillips band music nites at the Legion Hall ; catching up with both American and dear Canadian friends in their different special family cottages ; all the traditions that we’ve all shared for generations continuing into the newest . Desbarats is more than just a summer place;  it’s our multi  generational spiritual Sanctuary and healing place where we can act like kids ourselves again and relive our magical memories . And each of us are bereft without it this surreal 2020 .

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