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I miss... From Erik Warren

Thank you for sharing this is heart food! I miss the early morning swims around the Island, breakfast on the porch with blueberry pancakes, Canadian maple syrup and coffee while my body warms up to the rising sun. I miss not having plans and just seeing the lake slowly waking up and wondering to myself what activity I will partake in today or just go back down to the swimming dock knowing that some wonderful family or lake friend will eventually pull me out of that zen state and enrich my day with a story or shared experience. I also miss those late boat rides home under the milky way or floating and meeting boats in the dark and catching up with friends not seen in a year but still feeling like it was yesterday! I also miss a good parade with the bagpipes and the local business owners who work so hard and always greet us with a warm smile. Finally, a late evening spin on clear water with the Bat Boat to whiskey rock and home is always a nice way to cap the day.  Our community is like a Second World that I find hard to explain to outsiders, but happy to keep it as a secret gem. Love to all from Norway

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