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I miss... From Sam Davie

Most of you know me as Sammy. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I would miss a summer in Desbarats due to border closure. I guess there’s a first for everything and I certainly hope this is the last. There hasn’t been a day that went by in the past two months where I haven’t thought to myself, “what would I be doing right now in Desbarats?” I miss waking up at Marshall camp and hearing our kids eating breakfast outside on the porch. The bounce of our walkways as they run down to the dock. The smell of boat gas. The 6pm light at Marshall camp and Itchygoomie. Dock days, picnics on Fishnet, cocktail parties, swims back and forth to the Bennett’s old dock. Watching my two oldest meet Becky at the sailing dock for another class. Watching them learn to sail. Really missing feeling my dad and John’s presence everywhere. My cousins and friends that share the same Desbarats DNA that I have. This is the first year I’ve missed in 46 years. It will be the last. So looking forward to seeing you all next summer! Xo, Sammy

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