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What We Miss from Ted Warren

Over one hundred years ago they put up the original blockhouse as a real estate gimmick. Each year Americans were welcome to spend their summers on the Channel. Now we cannot return until our entire nation has changed its public health system, re-established that part of our “commonwealth.” That is a merciless and powerful message. What do I really miss? I miss the Canadian way of life, the Canadians, the landscape on the mainland, the trains rolling through town, the Channel, running across Campment D`ors, jumping in the water and looking at the lighthouse across the surface, the virgo, libra, scorpio, sagittarius, and capricorn lit up to the south, the planets and the milky way reflecting on the calm water, and the northwest wind picking up in the early afternoon. I miss all the great Americans and Canadians who we met each year who have since passed into the next world.   Most of all, I miss introducing my grandchildren to Desbarats and I miss all of you!

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